Saturday April 9, 2011

This afternoon my Mom and I visited four of the senior ladies that my Mom cleans for. It was so nice to meet them. They wanted to meet me because a couple of them gave towards the winter project that my Mom headed up and also one of them has been praying for me too. All of the ladies are so sweet and they really enjoyed seeing the pictures that I showed them as well.

Today when my family and I sat down for dinner we got a phone call from my aunt Sharon. She wanted to give us an exciting announcement that my cousin Deanne’s boyfriend Robin just proposed to her and they got engaged this afternoon!! How exciting for them! In June I’ll be going to Aaron’s wedding who is her brother but unfortunately I won’t be able to fly back for Deanne’s wedding which will be in October of this year which is a bit sad. Even if I cannot go to her wedding I am still super happy for her and Robin! 🙂

This evening my family and I went to the movie theatres to see a new movie that just came out yesterday. The movie is called “Soul Surfer”. It is based on a true story by what life of a surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her left arm in a shark attack when she was 13 years old. Bethany Hamilton and her family are Christians so it was quite incredible to see how they could put it together in a film and also have their faith message weaved through out it.

It was a very inspiring movie to watch especially during a time like this in my life where I need to be reminded that all things are possible with God and not to give up so easily. It was also great to see Bethany go on a mission trip with her youth group to Thailand when the tsunami happened. It was precious to see her encourage a young boy get back into the water after what happened in that country with that devastation of the tsunami. I also think that was also a healing for her to get back into the water too.

I really like what Bethany’s youth leader did with her youth group. The youth leader did lesson on gaining the right perspective on things. She showed the youth group different pictures up close and they had to guess what the objects were before she showed them what the picture was. One of the pictures she showed them was a mosquito. It looked nothing like it up close. It was an interesting for me too because when you are right in the moment you don’t see the big picture and it hard to see perspective on things.

I really liked one of the quotes that Bethany Hamilton said during the movie after she got attacked by the shark and she was trying to surf again. She said “I don’t need easy, I just need possible.” At the end of the movie she was in a competition and she ended up getting 5th place which was such an accomplishment after her accident! I read on the internet two years after the shark attack in 2005, with one arm, she took 1st place in the NSSA Championships which is just incredible! I highly recommend this movie to everyone!

About Andrea

I am from Whitby, Ontario. I have lived in Romania for 9 years as a missionary but I am currently in Canada on a sabbatical break at this time. I have also lived in South Korea for a year and I have also been to Russia, Uganda, Albania and the Czech Republic on short-term mission trips. In 2012, God also gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique for the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries as well. I love children, reaching out to people who are in need and vulnerable, I have a passion to fight against the injustice issue of human trafficking and to simply share the love of Jesus wherever I go. I also love cats too and I have a cat of my own named Minnie!
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