Flip Flops for the Gypsy Kids!!

Hi Everyone,

I want to say another big THANK-YOU for giving towards the mitten project that my Mom headed up last year in November. There were 61 children at the Sabolciu gypsy village (23 boys and 29 girls) and also another 22 foster children that got new hats, scarves and mittens to keep them warm for the winter months!! All of the parents were very appreciative for their children getting gifts from Canada. We as a staff were also very appreciative too!

My Mom and I are heading up another project for the summer! I’m so excited that I not

lots of flip flops for the gypsy kids!

only get to hand them out this time but also be a part of collecting and organizing them here in Canada before they are mailed out to Romania! We have already started collecting and a couple of people have also expressed interest in being a part of this project too. The reason I suggested to my Mom to do a flip flop collection project is there are a lot of children in the gypsy village go outside in the summer time bare feet. The reason for this is because a lot of them simply do not have shoes. I thought doing flip flops would be a cheap item to buy and it is also light to mail too.

I have made a list of the children from the village with all of their sizes. There are already 24 pairs of flip flops that are already done. Now we just need to buy for another 39 more children. We will be buying the flip flops at the Old Navy store in the States on Easter weekend when we will be visiting relatives in Rochester, New York. We chose to buy them at the Old Navy store because we can buy them 2 pairs for $5 which is a great deal!

If you would like to contribute towards the summer flip flop project there are two ways you could help which are:

1)      Buying and choosing for a child/children and letting us know which ones you have chosen and bought for. Then if you could give it to us no later than May 8th so we could mail them in May when we go to Florida for our family vacation.


2)     Donating money towards the project either for the children’s flip flops or towards the cost of the mailing. For the cost of the rest of the flip flops we would need to raise another$110 (including tax). We will be mailing two boxes for this project. We are mailing the boxes from the States because it is much cheaper compared to Canada. We will send two boxes and it cost $50 for each box.

It really broke my heart for me to see a lot of the children go outside without shoes on their

the young girls are going to love these!

feet. I mean the ground is so dirty; pieces of glass and other garbage are all over the ground. I personally feel no child should have to walk outside because they do not have shoes. It is definitely not safe or clean for them.

I hope you are excited as I am for this summer flip flop project for the children! I think it is such a blessing from God to be able to bless the children so they will all have shoes for the summer months. I will never forget last summer when I saw hardly any of the kids wearing shoes.

Please let me know if you are interested in any way in being a part of this project.

Thank-you so much!



About Andrea

I am from Whitby, Ontario. I have lived in Romania for 9 years as a missionary but I am currently in Canada on a sabbatical break at this time. I have also lived in South Korea for a year and I have also been to Russia, Uganda, Albania and the Czech Republic on short-term mission trips. In 2012, God also gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique for the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries as well. I love children, reaching out to people who are in need and vulnerable, I have a passion to fight against the injustice issue of human trafficking and to simply share the love of Jesus wherever I go. I also love cats too and I have a cat of my own named Minnie!
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