I went to my friend Cristina’s wedding!

Saturday August 13, 2011

Today was a very busy but also such a great day! I went to my friends Cristina and Adi’s wedding today! It was such a blessing to be able to attend their wedding. When I moved to Târgu Mures, Romania in April 2007, at first I didn’t have many friends outside of the English school so I prayed for at least one Romanian friend that I would be close friends with. God answered that prayer request in June 2007 when I met my friend Cristina. We quickly became very close friends and I can honestly say she is like a sister to me.

I don’t have many friends in my life right now that I can call them a best friend but my

Cristina and I

friend Cristina is definitely one of them and the friendship that we have is a precious gift from God. When I lived in Târgu Mures we often met together to not only spend time together but also to pray and be accountable to one another. I am thankful for Cristina being my prayer/accountability partner when I lived in Târgu Mures. We also lived together in the same apartment for almost a year (from February – December 2009). She was also my best cat sitter that I ever had too!

At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go to Cristina’s wedding but in the end everything worked out. I’m so glad that I was able to be there for her and Adi for their special day because that meant a lot to me. I have also known Adi ever since they had dated so it was great to get to know him too during the last three years or so. I think they make such a great couple! Adi has such a great heart for God, he has a good character and I can tell that he really cares for Cristina by the way he supports her.

This was my first Romanian wedding that I got invited to so it was interesting for me to see the


Cristina, Adi and I


differences compared to how weddings are like in Canada. Cristina invited me to go to her apartment for all the preparation time of the final fixing up her makeup and hair which was fun to be there at that time. Though I was surprised that it wasn’t just her at the apartment and some girls but it was also all the immediate family which included Adi too. In Canada or the States I don’t think the groom is supposed to see the bride until the ceremony so that was interesting for me.

The ceremony was originally supposed to start at 12:00pm and be at a Baptist church in Târgu Mures. Then the reception was originally supposed to start at 2:00pm at a restaurant in Ungheni (it’s a town near the city).  However things changed a couple of weeks ago and we ended up having everything at the restaurant instead of both locations.

The restaurant was beautifully decorated for the wedding but I was quite surprised that

Cristina, Adi and the Pastor.

there wasn’t a ceremony like I was used to. I was surprised that Cristina and Adi didn’t even exchange wedding vows (they actually had their rings on before they got there) but they only had a Pastor do a short sermon and then they had a prayer time for them. There were no braid maids or groom men either but they only had godparents up at the front at their table. Oh, another thing that was different was there were no wedding gifts but instead people give money in a card or envelope to the bride and groom. Very interesting!

After the short ceremony, then we had a time where we could take pictures outside and then we ate dinner. When we ate the meal, I’m telling you we ate and ate and ate so much food! First we had the appetizer (that alone was a full plate of food!), then we ate soup, then we had the main course and then two desserts. I was surprised though that the restaurant waited for such a long time in between the courses to serve the food.

I am so glad that my friend Anna and her fiancé Darius were at the wedding otherwise I

Darius and Anna

think I would have been so bored because the people that attended were mostly Cristina and Adi’s relatives! I met Anna when I first moved to Romania back in the spring of 2007. She is from the States and she is a full-time missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators. She has been very involved with the gypsy communities here in Romania and learning about the gypsy language.

Just over a year ago Anna started dating Darius and just recently they got engaged so she will be marrying a Romanian guy. I am very happy for them! He is a nice guy. Anna was the photographer for the wedding and I sat with them during the reception. It was fun to hang out with them for the day and practice my Romanian since Darius doesn’t know English very well. I am so grateful for the friends that God puts in my life here in Romania.

I am so glad we had really great weather for the wedding! It was just beautiful outside –

Adi, Cristina, her parents and I

sunny and warm. I am so glad that Cristina’s parents were at her wedding and they seemed to have enjoyed themselves too which was wonderful because they weren’t very supportive of her marrying Adi (mainly because he isn’t highly educated like Cristina is). I hope their relationship with both Cristina and Adi will get better after this. I do believe God can bring wholeness and healing in this and it is not too difficult for Him to do that.

After the wedding I went back to Steve and Liz’s place to spend time with them before we headed to bed. I have really been enjoying catching up with them. Elisa their daughter was so sweet because she wanted to sleep with me so I gave in since I probably won’t see her again until I think October for Anna’s wedding. The whole day was just amazing!

About Andrea

I am from Whitby, Ontario. I have lived in Romania for 9 years as a missionary but I am currently in Canada on a sabbatical break at this time. I have also lived in South Korea for a year and I have also been to Russia, Uganda, Albania and the Czech Republic on short-term mission trips. In 2012, God also gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique for the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries as well. I love children, reaching out to people who are in need and vulnerable, I have a passion to fight against the injustice issue of human trafficking and to simply share the love of Jesus wherever I go. I also love cats too and I have a cat of my own named Minnie!
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