No Greater Love

There’s no greater love than the love of Jesus.

There’s no love that’s wiser,

that’s stronger, that lasts longer,

that’s more willing or thrilling.


There’s no love more beautiful, more bountiful,

more bold, more basic and unbiased.

There’s no love more caring, more sharing,

more daring to risk all in danger for sinner and stranger.


There’s no love more gracious, more giving, more living,

more sacred, more selfless, more soul-satisfying,

more pure and undying.

There’s no love more verifiable, more valuable,

more validating, more victorious, more glorious.

By Day Springs

About Andrea

I am from Whitby, Ontario. I have lived in Romania for 9 years as a missionary but I am currently in Canada on a sabbatical break at this time. I have also lived in South Korea for a year and I have also been to Russia, Uganda, Albania and the Czech Republic on short-term mission trips. In 2012, God also gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique for the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries as well. I love children, reaching out to people who are in need and vulnerable, I have a passion to fight against the injustice issue of human trafficking and to simply share the love of Jesus wherever I go. I also love cats too and I have a cat of my own named Minnie!
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