Some Testimonies from Teams that came to YWAM Targu Mures

Testimonies from the Montana DTS Team (June 29 – August 15, 2014):

Montana DTS Team

Montana DTS Team

Amy Lindstrom
Amy LindstromThis summer, my husband and I were blessed to spend seven weeks in Romania as part of the outreach phase of our Crossroads DTS. After completing 11 weeks of school at YWAM Montana-Lakeside, USA, our team came alongside the staff of YWAM Târgu Mureş to minister in Romania. As we tasted of the culture, our hearts became full of love for the people of Romania and the YWAM staff we were working with. We were able to encourage those serving in Romania long term through acts of service and words of encouragement. There were many diverse opportunities to share the love of Christ during our weeks in Târgu Mureş. We ministered in three churches, to the hospitalized, in villages, to women and children receiving legal and educational assistance and we passed out hundreds of Bibles on the streets.

Amy Lindstrom2We were invited to assist with an evangelistic city-wide outreach and to provide a Vacation Bible School. On prayer walks we prayed over the region, city and into the lives of individuals. We built relationships and friendships with many. I found that while I was giving my heart away, I was also taking away a heart full of new friendships and a lasting connection with this beautiful country and its people.

Amy Lindstrom3It became very clear to me during our time in Romania that it is God’s desire to awaken the beautiful people of this land to the hope that they can find through a personal and intimate relationship with Him. He not only wants to redeem the lives of individuals, but he also has a plan to redeem families, churches, and the culture of Romania. He desires to draw out the unique beauty of the culture and use it to touch the nations! My life has been forever enriched by my time in Târgu Mureş and I thank God for the opportunities he created for me to be blessed and to be a blessing!

Anna Patton
Anna PattonGod painted a beautiful picture for me while I was in Târgu Mureş, Romania. He revealed to me the big and wide “paint strokes” –preaching a message of hope, ministering in Roma communities and to hospital patients, and evangelism on the streets. He also revealed to me the finishing touches–the seemingly “insignificant” moments and gestures that very much still exemplified the work– preparing a meal, speaking a word of encouragement to a weary heart, and giggling with a child. God revealed to me, emphatically, that EVERYthing we did in His name counted. It was an honor to come to the Târgu Mureş base under such incredible leadership, dedication, and service. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to see our Artist at work!

Barbara McMann
Barbara McMannHow can I describe my time in Târgu Mureş this past summer? It was a miraculous time of stepping out of my own comfort zone and letting God lead me as He wanted, which happened to be to the TB and Cancer hospitals. First, the sweetest woman in the world, Viorica, took us with her each week to pray for miracles of healing, minds, hearts, and bodies. Even with the language barrier, so many patients were led to the Lord, healed, and taken home in my heart.

Barbara McMann2I miss Viorica and hope that everyone has a chance to meet her and join her ministry, if only for a day. My most exciting time occurred after one young man who had to have surgery on his head and was left with a limp that barely allowed him to walk. We prayed for him as he accepted the invitation to accept Christ, and a couple of weeks later we saw him out walking along the boulevard, no limp at all. As we moved closer to him, He saw us and broke out in a huge smile and came over and hugged us. I will never forget that smile or that hug. I encourage you to go out and get yours. It will change your life.

Danielle Tucker
Danielle Tucker (2)In brief, my experience in Romania was a dream come true. Years ago, God had set the nation on my heart. But as life happened, it seemed unrealistic that I would ever put my feet on Romanian soil. What a sweet gift from The Father, to learn that my Crossroads DTS would be spending our outreach there! While in Târgu Mureş, old dreams and gifting’s resurfaced. My heart was thrilled at the opportunities presented to share the Good News & disciple youth and young adults… The land and the people of Romania are forever etched on my heart!

Testimonies from the New Jersey church group Team (August 11-16, 2014):

New Jersey Team

New Jersey Team

Sabina Williamson
Sabina WilliamsonThroughout my time in Târgu Mureş, Romania, The Lord continued to teach me a lesson: that His love is universal. The ways that Jesus showed me his love through others and poured his blessings onto me in another country exemplified that He truly is everywhere, stirring in the hearts of EVERYONE in our world. Before coming to Romania, I had never thought about any people there, nonetheless, any daughters/sons of God that lived there.

I did not think about having brothers or sisters of His kingdom there. I knew that God’s love was everywhere, but I had not connected with this phenomenon because I had never experienced it. While in Romania, Jesus showed me how essential it is for us to be united under his love (regardless of which country we live in) in prayer and in the fight for love. He demonstrated how His love is our ultimate form of communication, surpassing the capabilities of any spoken language or any common culture.

Tiffanie Yakum
Tiffanie YakumGod is not enslaved to time. But with a week long mission’s trip to Romania, I wasn’t sure what would be accomplished. I thoroughly and foolishly questioned God’s plan upon arrival and he quickly humbled me. God opened my eyes on the hills of Romania; He spoke to me through strangers who approached me knowing my exact struggles. Romania reminded me of how big God is and how little I am. The people at the YWAM base are the most genuine and loving individuals. I went to Romania to shine my light and share Jesus’ good news but every local Romanian I met radiated so much light towards me. God used the people of Romania to show me that He can use whomever He pleases to carry out His plans. Romania brought a different kind of joy to my heart and I was left in awe by God’s timing, grace, and majesty.

Matthew Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez's pictureMy name is Matthew Gonzalez. I came to YWAM Târgu Mureş with my church youth group, from New Jersey, for our first missions trip. My team and I were treated just as we should have been – with love, as brothers and sisters in Christ. The experience my team and I had with God was so intense, and so immersed in His Spirit, that it sparked and rekindled a fire of Grace, Truth, and Love for us to bring back home with us. I will be attending the Târgu Mureş’ base DTS this fall and cannot wait to see how God is going to continue His calling on my life through this amazing journey of faith.

Testimonies from the Constanţa DTS Team (September 14 -20, 2014):

Constanta DTS Team

Constanta DTS Team

Semida Dani
Semida DaniDuring our time in Târgu Mureş, I’ve had the opportunity to experience God’s power. Although I struggled with tiredness and lack of energy, He strengthens me and helped me to step out of my comfort zone and I was able to go and do ministry in His power, not mine. I was really encouraged with our time there.

Katelyn Pulvino
Processed with VSCOcamI feel so blessed to have been a part of Târgu Mureş ministry even if was only for a week. God is definitely getting ready to do some big things there and is actively fighting against the disunity in the city. It’s always encouraging to see YWAM working together with other ministries to accomplish the same goals and I truly saw that in the Coming Home foundation. I can’t wait to hear about all the mountains YWAM Târgu Mureş is going to move.

Danielle Mechler
Danielle MechlerDuring my time in Târgu Mureş we were able to go on a spiritual prayer walk, work alongside the Coming Home Foundation with their kids and adults, pray over people in the hospital down the street, and hang out with friends at the cafe Friday night! I really enjoyed my time at the YWAM base and it was encouraging seeing the impact their making in the community! God’s hand is working in and through this city and even though my team was only there for a short time, it was a week that I will always hold in my heart.

About Andrea

I am from Whitby, Ontario. I have lived in Romania for 9 years as a missionary but I am currently in Canada on a sabbatical break at this time. I have also lived in South Korea for a year and I have also been to Russia, Uganda, Albania and the Czech Republic on short-term mission trips. In 2012, God also gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique for the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries as well. I love children, reaching out to people who are in need and vulnerable, I have a passion to fight against the injustice issue of human trafficking and to simply share the love of Jesus wherever I go. I also love cats too and I have a cat of my own named Minnie!
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