Awakening Europe Conference 2015

I have lived in Romania as a missionary since April 2007 but I have not actually traveled much at all over the last eight years especially to see more of Europe. I do not know why because I would absolutely love to see more of Europe and I really enjoy traveling as well. It might have been because I simply did not have the finances, time or someone to travel with to enjoy the experiences together with someone however I definitely have always wanted to see more of Europe.

I think it was sometime at the beginning of May of this year when I found out about the Awakening EuropeAwakening Europe conference that would take place this summer in July in Nuremberg, Germany. In the fall of 2012 I went to the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries in Mozambique which was an incredible season in my life that I grew a lot in my walk with God. Everyone who went to the same school as I did are all a part of the Harvest Mission School 17 facebook page and then once you have graduated from the school you can join the Iris Alumni facebook page. If I remember correctly it was on the Harvest Mission School 17 facebook page that I found out about the Awakening Europe conference.

The moment that I found out about it this excitement filled my heart especially when I heard about the vision behind it and then of course the speaker and also the worship band line up blew my mind! When I found out about the Awakening Europe conference I kept on saying to myself that I just have to go but I do not know if it is possible or not so I gave this desire in my heart to God. I also thought it would not only be a great opportunity to be a part of a conference that would spiritually awaken Europe but it would also give me a chance to visit Germany and have a much needed vacation as well.

I think it was the same week I found out about the Awakening Europe conference that I got connected to Taylor who also went to Harvest Mission School but at a different time. I asked her if she would be interested in going to the conference and to go together. Taylor expressed interest to go as well which gave me excitement to be able to travel with someone together to Germany. Then the following week a couple (Doug and Nadja) came to visit the YWAM base where I serve for a week. They used to work at the YWAM base here where I serve at so it was great to connect with them and then I got really excited when they told me they are planning on going to the conference. However, at the end of that week I had a conversation with Taylor on the phone and felt extremely disappointed when she told me that she had changed her mind to go.

When I found out this news I felt very disappointed and just cried after I hung up the Delight yourself in the Lordphone with her because I still wanted to go to the Awakening Europe conference so much. I shared this with Doug before they left Romania (Doug and his wife are now serving at the YWAM Hurlach base in Germany). He told me not to worry and that something will work out. At that point my spirit felt low but at the same time I wanted to stay positive because I still really wanted to go. I just knew that I needed to give this desire that God gave me to go into His hands and trust in Him that He would work it out but at that time I just didn’t know how it would be possible because I didn’t want to go alone.

I felt in my heart to get my Awakening Europe event ticket in faith even before my travel arrangements and accommodations were worked out. I got my ticket even before Taylor had changed her mind but then when I already had my ticket I continued to pray and give this desire over to God. Now when I look back and reflect on it, my heart is just blown away of how God had worked out everything and even far more than what I had ever expected or imagined! I think it was on Saturday June 6th I saw a post from this girl named Hannah on the Awakening Europe Accommodations and Travel facebook page. She was looking for a couple of girls to fill the beds in the room where she wanted to stay in Nuremberg, Germany for the conference.

I commented on the post right away and told her that I was interested in being a part of with God all things are possible2the room because I needed a place to stay. Then on that same day (Saturday June 6th) I bought my airline ticket for Germany with Wizz airline. I was very excited to be able to get my plane ticket booked and I was also pretty happy that I got a good price for it as well! On Tuesday June 9th I heard bad news from Hannah which was the place that she was looking at fell through so then I was back to square one of not having a place to stay but this time I had my plane ticket.

I was extremely grateful though when I talked to Hannah on facebook that she told me not to worry because she needed a place to stay too and then we decided to get a private room at a hostel with four beds. Hannah found a great hostel called Jugendherberge which is actually a castle too. I paid the deposit that day and then Hannah posted on the Awakening Europe Accommodations and Travel facebook page that we were looking for two more girls for our room. I have to admit that I was amazed how quickly our room filled up and I think less than two days! Hannah’s friend Alycia joined our room and Katalin also joined as well (Katalin is from Romania but she is actually Hungarian and is currently living in England).

Now I’m going to write about how my time was in Germany:

Tuesday July 7th
I was very grateful I was able to get a ride to the airport from Philip (he is a missionary here with his wife). I left home at 5:00am which gave me enough time to go through the security and board my plane at the Târgu Mureş airport for my 7:00am flight. I am so very thankful for everyone who prayed for my flight. Everything went well with going through security and boarding the plane. My flight left on time and it actually arrived a bit earlier than the scheduled time it was supposed to arrive which was at 7:55am.

When I got to the Memmingen airport Hannes was there to pick me up. He and his wife

YWAM Hurlach base

YWAM Hurlach base

are serving in the member care for YWAM in the central European region. I stayed at the YWAM Hurlach base for a couple of days before the conference which was quite awesome to stay at a castle. It was wonderful to visit another YWAM base and to have a couple of days to relax.  I was quite tired from the lack of night’s sleep and traveling so I took a nap and for dinner I eat with Hannes, his wife Doris and their children. On that day I also found out from Doug that there will be an Iris Alumni gathering with Heidi Baker this weekend which gave me a lot of excitement when I heard that news!

Wednesday July 8th
My second day in Germany I had a pretty relaxing day. I slept in, had a great talk with Doris, then I visited a beautiful small town with Doug and Nadja called “Landsberg” in the afternoon. For dinner I ate at Hannes and Doris’ house with their children and also with Doug and Nadja. I felt so very blessed that I was able to spend time with the Steets family. Doris and Hannes do member care for the central region of YWAM and it was truly a blessing from God to spend time with them in Germany. They are such a wonderful family and so very encouraging as well!

Thursday July 9th
In the morning I took a train to Nuremberg for the Awakening Europe conference. I left

This is the train I took

This is the train I took

from the Kaufering station at 9:34am and I arrived in Nurnberg at 12:17pm. I was so very grateful of how God arranged my transportation to Nurnberg. It was such a blessing to be able to travel with four other people (3 guys and another girl) from the YWAM Hurlach base and it was cheaper as well to travel on a group ticket. I think it would have also been a bit complicated for me to go alone because we had to switch trains a couple of times so I was very thankful to be able to travel with a group and not have to travel by myself to Nuremberg.

I just want to praise God that I had arrived safe and sound in Nuremberg. My train ride to

Katalin and I in Nuremberg, Germany

Katalin and I in Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg went very well and we were able to get all of our connections on time. I was also very impressed by how modern and clean the train and the stations were too! It seriously blew my mind but then again it was my first time taking the train in Western Europe. I was so very grateful that Alycia and Katalin were able to meet me at the train station right at the platform when I arrived because Nuremberg is a huge station. The city is beautiful and the hostel where I stayed as well! The opening session of the Awakening Europe conference was incredible and was truly a dream come true for Ben Fitzgerald and Todd White and thousands of other people to take this city and Europe back for God after the enemy took it 75 years ago.

It was truly amazing to see the spiritual hunger there and how thousands of people from around Europe traveled in for this event to seek God together. There were over 25 nations that were represented at the conference so it was pretty awesome to have dancers with different flags to open up the event. I also loved that they had a German worship band called Outbreak open up the event and the spontaneous worship throughout the Grundig stadium along the thousands of people was incredible!

Friday July 10th
In the morning I left from the hostel with Katalin to go with her to the stadium together for the day. Unfortunately I began my day with a bit of a shock when I got accidentally split up with Katalin at the last train station when we went to the stadium. I was a bit emotionally shook up because I didn’t want to be alone all day and I was really nervous about finding my way back to the hostel. I ended up sitting by myself for morning session. I have to admit I felt extremely alone but yet surrounded by thousands of people. Jesus Culture led the worship time and Mathias “Kuno” Kuhn spoke on being carriers of God’s glory and also to have courage to break through the barriers that might try to stop us from getting our breakthrough to see revival.

The morning session was really great but yet I really struggled because I didn’t want to be alone all day so I prayed a lot and continually gave it to God. I am extremely thankful how God took care of me. I am so glad that I decided to put credit on my phone before I left Romania so I decided to send my friend Doug a text message. I was able to connect with Doug and his wife Nadja after the morning session and then we had a surprise Iris Alumni get together at the hotel where Heidi Baker stayed at.

It was such a blessing that Heidi Baker treated us all to lunch and to be able to personally

Heidi Baker and I

Heidi Baker and I

connect with her as well. It was also such a blessing to be able to connect with other Iris Alumni students as well and spend the rest of the day with them. For the afternoon session God Encounter band led the worship and Daniel Kolenda spoke about the great commission that Jesus gave us to go, preach, heal, raise the dead, cleanse the leprosy and drive out demons. At the end of the afternoon session Daniel asked us if anyone needed prayer for healing. After I ended up getting accidently split up with Katalin I had this terrible stomach ache the majority of the day which I think because I was stressed of how I would get back to the hostel. When Daniel asked if anyone needed prayer I raised my hand for prayer. I expressed what my prayer need was to the people who prayed for me and when they prayed for me I sensed the presence of God come all over me but the I still had the stomach ache however I felt in my heart that things were somehow going to be alright.

The evening session was incredible! Jesus Culture led the worship again which was awesome and Todd White preached a radical message on being completely surrendered to Christ. At the end of the evening session Todd gave an altar call for anyone who wants to

The stadium packed with people praising God

The stadium packed with people praising God

give their life to Christ and feels they don’t have an intimate relationship with Him. It was truly an awesome sight to see people running to the area on the floor of the stadium for Jesus! People just ran to Jesus and I think there were around 2,000 people who gave their hearts to Jesus that night!

When the evening session finished I still did not know how I was going to get back to the hostel where I stayed at. When Doug and Nadja were getting ready to leave, Doug shook one of my hands and said good-night but at that moment I just felt to ask him if it would be possible if they could drive me to the hostel. Alycia and Hannah had both volunteered at the conference so I tried to find them in the afternoon but I couldn’t so I was really thankful that I was able to get the address of where the hostel was located. I was extremely grateful and relieved when Doug told me that he can drive me to the hostel and it turned out to be quite close to the hotel where they also drove their other friend to as well.

I just want to praise God for how He took care of me that day especially how He surprised me with a blessing to personally connect with Heidi Baker, some Iris Alumni and even some people from the school that I went to, then I got to sit with them during the afternoon and evening sessions so I wasn’t alone after all and then God took me back to the hostel by Doug and Nadja driving me directly there!

Saturday July 11th
In the morning I was very grateful that I was able to go to the stadium from the hostel with

Hannah, Alycia and I

Hannah, Alycia and I

two of my roommates (Hannah and Alycia). I was going to try to use the bathroom at train station and then meet the girls at the platform but when I couldn’t find the bathroom so I decided to go directly to the platform to find them however I almost got in a panic when I saw there was almost no one there. The train doors were closed and it was almost ready to leave. I didn’t know what to do so I kept running up and down the platform and then I was so very relieved when one time the doors quickly opened and I saw Hannah in the train. It turned out the trained almost left before the scheduled time and that’s why everyone got into the train. I was so very thankful that God provided a way for me to get on the train with my roommates that morning!

When I got to the Grundig stadium that morning I went to the area where the Iris Alumni talked about sitting together for the sessions the previous day. It was such a blessing to be able to sit with them that morning and also spend the day with them. For the morning session the Gospel Forum Band led the worship time and Peter Wenz spoke on the importance of praying and blessing our spiritual fathers and mothers. After Peter spoke there was a very special time of when different spiritual fathers and mothers from Europe prayed and prophetically spoke over Europe. I’m sure this conference was incredible for them because many of them were praying for a spiritual awakening for Europe for many years so this was definitely a vision that God gave them come to pass. After they prayed it was very special to see Ben Fitzgerald and Todd White wash each of their feet as a way to honor them.

In the afternoon there was not an afternoon session but instead organizers of the

Harvest Mission School 17 mini reunion

Harvest Mission School 17 mini reunion

conference assigned that time for an outreach time which I thought was really awesome to have a massive outreach of thousands of passionate Christians from all over Europe invading the city of Nuremberg. Later that day we heard some testimonies of people who made salvation decisions, healings and prophetic words people received in the city. Over 70 years ago the enemy invaded the city with evil from the Nazi Hitler movement but during the Awakening Europe conference God brought a beautiful redemption of His glorious presence into the city where passionate Christians from all over Europe went into the city that afternoon to bring hope, love and joy.

I would have loved to have gone out with the others for the Saturday afternoon outreach but unfortunately it conflicted with the Iris Alumni get together that was around the same time but I of course didn’t want to miss that either. What a blessing from God it was to have this Iris Alumni get together. On Friday the lunch thing at Heidi Baker’s hotel was actually an extra get together and on Saturday it was more planned in advance for this gathering. For the second get together Heidi was not there because she wanted to spend the day in her room with God where she fasted and prayed for the evening session that she would be speaking at. Her assistant actually told us when she was in the hallway and close to her room she even felt the presence of God coming from her room. Wow, now that’s powerful!

The Iris Alumni get together on Saturday afternoon from 3:00 – 5:00pm was really

Iris Alumni reunion

Iris Alumni reunion

amazing and God’s presence came in such a powerful way as we prayed for each other, prophesied over each other and also for the conference. I don’t think I have felt the presence of God like that in a very long time. I think there were around at least fifty people that came from different Harvest Mission Schools. It was awesome to be surrounded with some fire balls that are filled with the Holy Spirit again! It was really great that I was able to have a little reunion with four other people from the school that I went to which was such a great surprise from God!

When we had the prayer time for the conference one of the guys who is from the Netherlands felt in his heart for all of the people who are from Germany to stand in the middle while the rest of us ask for God’s forgiveness, ask God to bring reconciliation and bless them. It was wonderful to see how God is bringing redemption to Germany from what the enemy did over 70 years ago. We also had a guess speaker (I think his name is John Luke) come to the Iris Alumni get together to challenge and encourage us to keep running after God with all of our hearts.

For the evening session God literally blew me away with His love and presence. Jake

Jake Hamilton leading worship.

Jake Hamilton leading worship.

Hamilton led us in an awesome time of worship. Heidi Baker spoke on God’s love and there was such a sweet presence of the Lord that just swept over the stadium. Heidi got us to pray with someone at the end. I prayed together with another girl who went to the Harvest Mission School and when she prayed for me God’s presence came over me so strong that I shook, cried and laughed. After a while we hugged each other and said good night and then when I was ready to leave another girl started to pray for me. When Laura prayed for me the presence of God just continued to overwhelm me and especially when she prayed for God to bring revival to Romania I just felt God doing something deep in me.

After a while I finally left the area where I sat, I was amazed when I saw a huge group of people singing, dancing and shouting “Europe will be saved”. It was such an awesome sight to see! This was the banner over the stage at the stadium “Europe will be saved” so yes God come save Europe! In the morning I had arranged to meet one of my roommates (Alycia) at the information tent right at the gate after the evening session had finished but unfortunately I didn’t end up meeting Alycia to go back to the hostel together. After I waited for a while and I didn’t see her and I started to worry how I would get back but I was extremely thankful of how God gave me a special surprise and a German couple drove me back to my hostel. I felt so blown away how God had took care of me and brought me safety back to my hostel. He is such an amazing and good Father!

Sunday July 12th
Today was the last day of the Awakening Europe conference in Nuremberg, Germany and it was definitely another incredible day. In the morning when I ate my breakfast at the hostel I told Alycia who was one of the girls that I shared a room that I don’t know how God can top what He did on Saturday because God blew me away the previous day. Then Alycia told me that she prays that God will not only top it but also “wack” me too (in other words get so full of the Holy Spirit that I end up getting drunk in the Spirit). Not only did God top what He did on Saturday but all day yesterday God literally blew all of my expectations away far beyond what I could have ever imagined He would do!

In the morning the worship was amazing with a band from Germany (Chris Poeschl) and

A cross was painted on the grass on the field of the stadium

A cross was painted on the grass on the field of the stadium

Walter Heidenreich shared some amazing healing testimonies. For the afternoon session Jake Hamilton led us in an awesome time of worship and Paul Manwarning preached an incredible message on the Father Heart of God. For the evening session which was the very last session there was a special commissioning service. Jesus Culture led us in another awesome time of worship and then Ben Fitzgerald and Todd White did a commissioning prayer for us. During this commissioning prayer time God’s presence just exposed and came into the stadium like a hurricane!

Just over 70 years ago Hitler had used that stadium to rally the youth in his Nazi party and He planted ideas of hatred into their minds at that time. It is amazing that the very stadium that the enemy had used at that time for evil, now the stadium was used for God’s glory for the Awakening Europe conference. The banner over the stage was “Europe will be saved” and yes I really believe that it is time for revival to come to Europe especially as over 25,000 people at the stadium shouted Europe will be saved and proclaimed the name of Jesus throughout those 4 days of the conference! It was so incredible to see the spiritual hunger in people throughout the conference but especially last night after it ended when people were still praying for each other outside of the stadium and there were so many fire tunnels too! I have never in my life seen so many people so filled and overflowing with the Holy Spirit like I did there and people from over 25 nations!

On Sunday I ended up spending the day with one of my roommates (Katalin) and also a bunch of the Iris Alumni as well. For the lunch break it was a blessing to spend time with Katalin’s friends (they are a Hungarian family but are currently living in England). After the evening session I really wanted to stay a bit longer and go through a couple of the fire tunnels because my heart was just yearning for more of God’s presence. When Katalin and I eventually started to head back “home” back to the hostel where we stayed at we found out that the trains were not running anymore because it was pretty late (I think it was 10:30 or 11pm) so we ended up walking together with a group of people to the subway station which was pretty awesome how God arranged that because they ended up staying at the very same hostel where we stayed at too!

During the break between the afternoon and the evening session on Sunday God did something pretty special. I had an opportunity to talk to a girl named Cila from Austria. She told Katalin and I that she likes to write. We found out she also likes poetry. I sensed in my heart and my spirit that God has imparted in her a prophetic gift not only in her writing but also in her speaking and in her dancing as well.

I felt in my heart to pray for her and then I asked her to step out and share a prophetic word either for Katalin or for me. At that moment she told me that she didn’t have anything. When heard that I felt in my heart to pray for her again that she will receive a new revelation to hear God’s voice with more clarity so I asked her if I could pray for her again. She told me that it was alright to do so I put my hands on her ears and I declared them to be open to hear God’s voice with more clarity and also for her eyes to see more into the spiritual realm as well.

After I prayed for her, she told me that she received something for me at that very moment. When she told me that I got really excited and what she shared with me was dead on to what I needed to hear. I just knew it was from the Lord because it was something I had been struggling with for years and she didn’t even know me at all.

Cila sensed that I struggle with loneliness and being alone a lot. She told me that I don’t

A dove flying free

A dove flying free

have to anymore because the Lord is with me and He will never leave me or forsake me. She told me that she saw a picture of me as a dove. I couldn’t fly because my feet were bound with these heavy weights and they were also chained together. Then she saw Jesus cut those chains and weights off of my feet. After the chains were cut I was then able to fly and to be free.

When I heard the prophetic word and picture that Cila received from God for me, I was really encouraged a lot because it was exactly what the Lord knew that I needed to hear. On Friday morning I felt completely alone at the stadium and I often struggle with this so I will definitely don’t’ want to forget this word and picture that I received from God at the conference.

On Sunday after Cila shared that prophetic word and picture for me, she also prayed for me. She prayed for me in German so I didn’t understand what she prayed about but I definitely sensed the presence of the Lord when she prayed for me. Then after she prayed for me, her friend Andrea joined us. I told her that Cila has a prophetic gift and encouraged Andrea to encourage Cila to use it every day. Then I told Andrea that I just received a prophetic word and picture from Cila and I was very encouraged by it. When Andrea heard that she told me that she just received a picture of God giving me a pair of expensive shoes which is a gift of adoption from Luke 15:22. When I heard that I was like “wow” and thanked the Lord for this.

God also used Robert to minister to me at the conference. On Friday at lunch time at the conference when we had the Iris Alumni get together he prayed for my knees that there will not be any more pain and for God to bring complete healing to them. At that time he also sensed that I struggle with depression so he prayed for freedom for me for that too. On Saturday evening at the end of the session at the conference Robert prayed for me and he sensed in his spirit that I will be a mother to the nations (a spiritual Mother) which is amazing because it was exactly what I received from Dorina last year in the fall at the YWAM base during one of our DTS staff prayer meetings.

I really want to thank God for revealing His presence to me in such a fresh way over the four days that I was in Nuremberg, Germany for the conference! I honestly don’t even remember the last time I was “drunk” in the Spirit like that! It was pretty awesome to sit with the Iris Alumni people too who are so full of the Holy Spirit! I’m so very excited to see how God has truly brought redemption to Germany at this time and a spiritual awakening to Europe as well and I believe now everyone has taken back the fire of God in their hearts to their nations and are spreading it everywhere!! Yes, it is time for Europe to be saved and for revival to spread all across Europe!! Amen!!

Monday July 13th
In the morning around 9:15am I left the hostel where I stayed in Nuremberg and I met the group at the train station that I traveled with back to the YWAM Hurlach base. I was originally going to travel with five other people but two girls didn’t get to the station on time so we ended up splitting into two groups of three to travel back to the YWAM base. My train ride in total took around 3 hours with our connection in Munich. Now I have been both to the Munich airport and the train station but not yet in the city. Oh, well hopefully someday I’ll get to see it. I was very grateful that I was able to travel back to the YWAM base with a couple of people which was a blessing from God and it was also a blessing from God to be able to eat dinner with Hannes and Doris and their kids again.

Tuesday July 14th
On Tuesday I flew back to Romania and back to a very happy cat too! One of the staff from

Flying back to Romania

Flying back to Romania

the YWAM Hurlach base drove me to the airport in the morning. We left from the base at 6:30am; we arrived at the Memmingen airport at 7:20am. Everything went well at the airport for getting my flight. My flight left at 8:25am and it arrived in Târgu Mureş earlier than the scheduled time. It arrived at 11:05am. I was so thankful that Philip picked me up at the airport and drove me home. Minnie was so happy to see me when I arrived home. I was so exhausted when I arrived back home so I took a nap when I got home. I couldn’t believe that I ended up sleeping for around 3 hours that afternoon. I guess I was quite tired!

I am so very grateful beyond what I could possibility put into words of how God had worked out everything for me to go to Germany to visit friends at the YWAM Hurlach base, go to the Awakening Europe conference, sleep at 2 castles (the YWAM Hurlach base is a castle and the hostel I stayed at is also a castle), meet Iris Alumni and make some awesome new friends too. I really saw how God’s hands were on my whole trip from the moment that I left my apartment in Târgu Mureş, Romania to the moment that I returned home. I am so grateful for all of God’s provision and His favor that He gave me throughout my week in Germany. I am so thankful for God refreshing my spirit at the Awakening Europe conference and for all of the encouragement that He gave me throughout my time there especially from the Iris Alumni group that I had ended up spending a lot of time with. Most of all I’m so very thankful that God gave me an opportunity to be a part of such a historic spiritual event in Nuremberg, Germany. God has definitely done a spiritual breakthrough not only in Germany but all across Europe and I truly believe that Europe will be saved! Thank-you Jesus for revival in Europe!!

I am so very thankful for everyone who prayed for me during my time in Germany. I definitely sensed everyone’s prayers throughout the whole time I was there. I really, really appreciate it so much and my heart is just overwhelmed with so much joy and gratitude to know that many of you have prayed for me and also for the Awakening Europe event in Germany. Much blessings and love to you all! Now go and be fire balls for Jesus and change the world!

My prayer for everyone who went to the Awakening Europe conference and everyone else who is hungry for more of God:

May you continually receive a fresh impartation of what God did during that time. May you continue to run after Jesus and never look back. May you realize that you need family to fulfill your destiny. May God surround you with kindred spirits who will burn with you. May faith arise to step into the impossible. May hunger increase so that you are so desperate to have more of Jesus that you will take hold of Him at any cost. May everything you do come from a place of deep intimacy with Jesus. May you be aligned once again with Jesus as the most important One in your life. May you be undone for anything else but knowing Jesus and making Him known. Amen.

About Andrea

I am from Whitby, Ontario. I have lived in Romania for 9 years as a missionary but I am currently in Canada on a sabbatical break at this time. I have also lived in South Korea for a year and I have also been to Russia, Uganda, Albania and the Czech Republic on short-term mission trips. In 2012, God also gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique for the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries as well. I love children, reaching out to people who are in need and vulnerable, I have a passion to fight against the injustice issue of human trafficking and to simply share the love of Jesus wherever I go. I also love cats too and I have a cat of my own named Minnie!
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