September Romania Update!

September 28, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are doing well! Can you believe that we are already towards the end of the month of September and in the fall now? Where does the time go? I hope you had an amazing summer season!

Outreach Teams
The YWAM base where I serve at here in Târgu Mureş, Romania receives a lot of outreach IMG_4987teams that come and serve in different areas of ministry including teaching conversational English classes at the local high schools, praying for the sick at the cancer hospital, outreach to different Roma gypsy villages, street evangelism and working with the local churches. This spring and summer we had teams from YWAM York, YWAM Norway, the U.K, and YWAM Constanţa. I love working with teams because it is a real blessing to meet new people from different nationalities who are passionate for God and to see them reach out to the lost here in Romania! It especially touched my heart when two Missions Adventures teams came here to serve with their youth groups because I saw how they were eager to grow in their relationship with God and for them to try new things in ministry that was out of their comfort zone.

Awakening Europe
In May I found out about the Awakening Europe conference that would take place thisIMG_5127 summer in July in Nuremberg, Germany. When I read about what the vision was behind it which was to gather people from all over Europe to seek God together in the very stadium that the Nazi youth did their rallies in over 70 years ago during the time of the second world war, I knew in my heart that I just had to go but I didn’t know how it would be possible especially where I would stay and other details that needed to be worked out. I gave this desire of my heart to God and I was so blown away how He completely took care of me to go and I even got to stay in not only one but two castles during my time in Germany! It was such a blessing to be able to be able to visit the YWAM Hurlach base, re-connect with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while but especially to have reunions with my Harvest Mission School and the other Iris alumni as well! It was awesome to worship God with over 25,000 people from all over Europe and to also hear some great teaching from Todd White, Heidi Baker and other people!

A Lesson of Trust
My trip to Germany was definitely one of my highlights this summer but I also had almostIMG_5257 a month when I felt like my faith and trust in God was really being tested. On July 23rd I decided to send my laptop to the ASUS service centre in Bucharest because of various reasons of it needed to be repaired. For about two weeks I had no idea what was happening to my computer because there ended up being a mass confusion with the shipping company. My mind got so consumed with worry and anxiety that I honestly thought they had lost it so I daily had to speak and proclaim out loud “God I trust in you with my computer” and then when I got the news of it getting the service ticket, repaired like brand new and when I got it back on August 20th I rejoiced in God for this miracle that He did!

”Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall,” (Psalm 55:22)

Visit to Oradea
At one of our DTS staff meetings in August we got into the discussion of traveling to IMG_5296different cities in Romania to promote our upcoming DTS at the YWAM base where I serve at. Florin who is my base leader asked me if I would pray about going to Oradea to share about the DTS. I told him that I would love to but I don’t know how it would be possible to do a promo trip at the last minute like this however I am so very thankful to God for the doors that He opened up for me to go and take a step of faith for the first time for me to do something like this in Romania.

I went to Oradea from August 22nd to 25th and it was such an incredible weekend to see how God not only again take care of every detail of this trip but also for an opportunity to share about the DTS at the Salem church and at my former Bible study group as well. I haven’t been back to Oradea in a couple of years so it was also wonderful to be able to re-connect with some of my friends and it was such a special blessing from God to be able to see the children and families at the Săbolciu gypsy village where I used to work for 3 years! It was not only a time to promote the DTS but also a reunion weekend as well.

flyer for DTS 2015The DTS 2015 has started! If you live in Romania than I would love for you to join us for any of our 4 open weeks that we have during the lecture phase this fall! Come and hear some great teachings here at the base! Please contact me for more details.

Praise Reports!
• I praise God for all the outreach teams from different countries that He brings here to Romania!
• I praise God for how He continually teaches me how He is such an amazing Father and how He never ever gives up on me no matter what even in my moments of struggles and doubt!
• I praise God for all of the miracles that He does in my life and for His amazing provision as well!

Prayer Requests:
• For God to take us deeper in our relationship with Him during this DTS at the YWAM base.
• For God to continue to increase His heart beat for the lost and broken world in my own life and for increase vision of the dream that He has placed on my heart to fight again human trafficking.
• For God to give me daily wisdom in every area of my life (e.g. time, nutrition, relationships, etc).


My Contact info:
Address: Associatia Tineri Pentru Misiune , O.P.1, CP. 60, 54060, Târgu Mureş, Jud. Mures, Romania
My blog:

Financial support can be sent to:
In Canada: (please have my name written on the memo line with my code WA15)
YWAM Project Funding, Box 57100, RPO East Hastings, Vancouver BC, V5K 5G6

In the States: (please have my name written on a separate paper – it cannot be on the cheque)
YWAM, PO Box 3000, Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000

About Andrea

I am from Whitby, Ontario. I have lived in Romania for 9 years as a missionary but I am currently in Canada on a sabbatical break at this time. I have also lived in South Korea for a year and I have also been to Russia, Uganda, Albania and the Czech Republic on short-term mission trips. In 2012, God also gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Mozambique for the Harvest Mission School with Iris Ministries as well. I love children, reaching out to people who are in need and vulnerable, I have a passion to fight against the injustice issue of human trafficking and to simply share the love of Jesus wherever I go. I also love cats too and I have a cat of my own named Minnie!
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